December 18, 2014

InStyler TULIP Auto Curler {Review}

If you are like me you cannot get your hair to curl let alone stay curly. I was beyond excited to have the opportunity to try the new Instyler TULIP Auto Curler as part of a blogging campaign.

The new Instyler TULIP Auto Curler can create soft curls, beach waves and gorgeous tight curls. It has 2-way rotation allowing you to choose to curl left, right or even alternate directions (I use this setting for natural looking curls). In addition there are also 3 heat and 3 timer settings. The Instyler TULIP Auto Curler is great for naturally straight/wavy hair that are a thin to medium texture. If you have naturally curly hair you can still use the Instyler TULIP Auto Curler, you just need to blow your hair straight first.

I must say that I was a little lot intimidated by this InStyler hair tool. This is a pretty serious hair tool so if you are not the type to read and follow instructions then this is not the hair tool for you. After reading the instructions and watching a video I was ready to give it a try.

The Instyler TULIP Auto Curler does take getting the hang of. I admit I did get my hair caught in twice the first time using it (I immediately pulled the plug and proceeded to yank my hair out, leaving quite a bit behind). Once I figured it out it was a breeze. The curls I got in my hair were beautiful and lasted thru the next day (don't judge...I'm an every other day wash girl).

For those of you who desire beautiful curls but do not have the time to spend hours on your hair then this is what you have been looking for. I have long hair and a lot of it, both a blessing and a curse. By using the InStyler TULIP Auto Curler for first time EVER I have been able to curl my entire head in less than 30 minutes. My curls are beautiful and long lasting.

I truly love this tool and plan on using it often. The InStyler TULIP Auto Curler may not be for everyone but luckily InStyler has two other new styling tools, the InStyler Max 2-Way Rotating Iron and also the InStyler Ionic Styler Pro, which is a Hot Brush/Flat Iron.

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For more information you can visit the InStyler website where Savvy and Sassy readers can save 30% using the above link.. You can also find Instyler on Instagram as well as on Twitter.

Happy Holidays and Happy Hair Days too!

Disclosure: I received promotional items from InStyler for the purpose of writing a review in connection with a promotion from Vocalpoint, no monetary compensation will be/was received. Any opinions expressed are based solely on my experience.

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