September 23, 2014

Back To School Memories & Memories In the Making

Back to school was one of my favorite times as a kid. Back to school meant returning to classes with friends or making new friends after a summer move (we moved a lot). It was also the time for new school supplies. I ABSOLUTELY love new school supplies. I still do as an adult. There is just something exciting about a new box of crayons, I can't help it.

Packing healthy school lunches has also been a fun yet challenging experience. Making them fun seems to help them get eaten. Although we really wonder if she just throws things out some days. Baby carrots, apple slices and yogurt seem to be regular winners. She isn't very fond of school lunches either.

Now that I'm a mom I enjoy making this time fun and special for our daughter. I really think she enjoyed picking out some new clothes for fall (yes, even at 4) and spending some one on one time shopping with mommy. I know I enjoyed that time with my mom.

My parent's made sure to get a first day of school picture each year and we decided to carry on the tradition. I did want to build on it so I made a Canvas Chalkboard to make it a little more fun. Having the same chalkboard in each of the pictures really shows how much she is growing.

What is your best back to school memory?

Thank you to The SITS Girls for their Back to Blogging writing inspiration.

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  1. What an adorable picture! She will appreciate these back to school photos when she gets older and it will be so fun to look back at!


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