August 5, 2013

Pre-School Beginnings

This morning I am washing school uniforms. So we have decided to put Mia in a 3 year old Montessori Pre-School program this year. She is starting on the 19th, like in 2 weeks! I'm sure I'm not the only one who having some strong feelings about the whole starting school thing right now. On one hand she NEEDS to go, the challenge will be great for her and I know how important it is to start a learning foundation. I mean how else will she grow up to be a "baby doctor", which is what she says she wants to be when she grows up. Although she goes back and forth lately between that and a princess, I mean who doesn't want to be a princess. On the other hand she won't be 3 for a couple of weeks (her birthday is on the cutoff day) and it almost feels like sending her to school is the end of her being a baby. 

We just finished our mommy and me classes last week (we have been going since she was about 7 months old) and as that chapter has closed I guess this is the next one to open. We have never really been apart. With the exception of a movie or two when grandma and grandpa visit or a friend watching her so we could go to hubby's work Christmas party I am always with her. I feel a little guilty. Maybe because she is our first (I miss having a baby) or maybe because I don't want to miss anything with her growing up so fast. 

Either way my husband and I will be taking her to her first day of school together. I have fun things planned for before and after her first day. Not to mention cute little hair bows to accessorize her little uniforms. What we will do with our time? After the tears I guess that will leave almost 4 hours of whatever WE want to do.


  1. You will not be the only mommy who has shed a few tears when her first born enters the very first day of school. but, don't let her see that, you know "mini you" will get concerned about you. love that mom & dad will be there for this historical event in your lives! i am thinking a last breakfast for 2, time to be a husband & wife again, even if it is only for a few hours. and we all want to see pictures of the entire event!


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