August 14, 2013

Pinecone Research Paid Survey Opportunities

For the past 7 0r 8 years (maybe longer) I have been taking surveys for a company called Pinecone Research. At the time I signed up, I had also signed up with a few other companies but have since stopped. The difference between Pinecone Research and the other survey companies is like night and day! Pinecone Research sends just a few surveys a month. They also send occasional questionnaires. All of the Pinecone Research surveys pay a flat compensation of $3. Although the questionnaires do not give any form of compensation, they are less than 5 minutes and also enter you into a monthly drawing for $500. Occasionally I am also sent products to try and review, which my family and I enjoy!

The money is paid VERY quickly. Within a day or two it is directly deposited to my paypal account. There is also an option to redeem for other merchandise. I use my payments from Pinecone Research to put towards the amazing deals online! It isn't a lot at once but it does add up throughout the year. If you would like to join Pinecone Research then you can apply here. There is a limit of one member per household. Multiple registrations will void membership. Hurry because this doesn't usually stay open long!


  1. I will have to check this one out! I belong to several research panels and that is a great way to get gift cards or a little extra spending money

  2. I have tried a few survey companies but they are so long and when they say it's approximately 20 minutes it's always forty and by the time I'm finished with their $3 survey I'm so glad. I wish they would make them all 10 minutes maximum.


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