August 7, 2013

Do You Love Getting Mail?

I don't know about you or your little ones but my daughter LOVES going to get the mail. Although, collecting the mail from the box is second to actually receiving mail of her own. Being she is almost 3, I can tell you it doesn't happen often. That is why when I heard about a little girl named Liliana in Georgia who is currently in remission from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia that loves getting mail just as much I knew we needed to help. Liliana is turning 6 on August 23rd and her mom Maria put a request on their Facebook page Prayers for Liliana for birthday cards to help them celebrate another year with her. I cannot imagine the struggles and heartache this family has endured and if us sending a card to Liliana brings her the slightest ray of sunshine then thats what we will do.

Even though she is in remission, Liliana still has 18 months of chemo remaining. How can you help?Mail a card for Liliana in celebration of her 6th birthday. If you don't have a chance to run out to get a card or buy stamps, you could have a card sent from Treat and the postage is included with the cost of the card. They will even send it to Liliana for you. Mia is making Liliana a card for us walk to the mailbox tomorrow. Who knows, maybe we will take a special trip to the Post Office.

Send cards to: 

Miss Liliana Baza
P.O. Box 54
Alamo, GA  30411

Happy 6th Birthday sweet Liliana! Your bravery and strength are inspirational. 

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