July 31, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Visit to the Kennedy Space Center

This past weekend my husband went to a conference so we made a family weekend of it. During our trip we also went to visit the Kennedy Space Center. I hadn't been since I was 12 and it didn't seem like the same place. There was so much to see and do. Our plan was to spend a few hours and we had so much fun that we spent the entire day. We were also there on July 29th, NASA's 55th Birthday - the day President Eisenhower signed the Congressional Act creating NASA (That makes it a birthday, right?). The new Atlantis exhibit was amazing! Even my Mini Me loved it. Here are a few of the pictures I took.

Rocket Garden

Outside the Atlantis Exhibit

The Atlantis

Back of the Atlantis

Close up of the heat tiles on the bottom of the Atlantis. Check out all of the burn marks!

Future Astronaut?

Anyone else recently gone or planning a trip to the Kennedy Space Center? It was well worth the trip.


  1. love all the pictures you posted, thanks for sharing what a great time you and your family had!

  2. That is too cool! I would have loved being there with y'all. Never been there

  3. I went when I was younger...I should go back sometime. It looks like fun


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