March 11, 2013

Less Expensive Option for Pricey Magic Sponges

Magic Sponges are my favorite household tool. I always have a couple on hand and have used them for everything from removing melted fabric from my iron to cleaning crayon off of the walls.

I used to go through a few Mr. Clean Magic Erasers a least. When we bought our house and moved in there was a lot of serious cleaning to be done. I used 4 magic erasers on the cabinets in the kitchen alone.

The fact these little miracles worked so well got me wondering what they were made of. They are simply melamine sponges. You can actually buy them under that name and believe it or not, they work just as well...and maybe you already knew this. You can buy a 30 pack of Melamine Sponges right now on Amazon for on $10.99 with free shipping. This seems to be even less expensive than the generic store brands. You might also find larger quantities from time to time on eBay.

What is your favorite way to use Magic Erasers? Can't wait to learn a few new tips!

Happy Cleaning!

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  1. did not know that...nice info, thanks!! saving $$ and cleaning easy are good things.


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