February 15, 2013

Our Valentine's Day

Did everyone have a nice Valentine's Day? We sure did. Our Valentine's Day was absolutely perfect. The first half of the day was spend with friends of both mine and Mini Me's at a Valentine's Day lunch soiree. There were hearts, glitter and sparkles everywhere.

I made homemade heart shaped s'mores to take to the party. They turned out cute as can be and were amazingly delicious. I took the idea from this pin from Pinterest but added my own spin on it. I started with homemade Vanilla Bean Marshmallows (Recipe from Martha Stewart) that I tinted pink with paste colors. I found the perfect bite sized heart cookie cutter at Sur La Table that I cut out the marshmallows with then later used for the graham cracker crust. I made a basic graham cracker crust for the base. The chocolate coating was made with a bag of Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips and 2 tablespoons of shortening.

After we left our friends we headed to run a couple of final errands. First to a cute French Bakery in Fort Lauderdale called Croissant Time. They have the best EVER chocolate covered strawberries. We actually like them better than the expensive ridiculously ridiculous overpriced ones at Godiva. There was quite a line being it was Valentine's Day and all. Lots of nice husbands and boyfriends picking up treats for their loves. Quite different than what my sweet hubby experienced during his last minute stops yesterday (Grouchy guys getting cards...guess they need to talk to the nice ones we encountered at Croissant Time!!). Last stop Publix for frozen puffed pastry (for my super awesome baked brie!) and a bottle of champagne. The trip wouldn't be complete without Mini Me driving the buggy to the bakery to get a sugar cookie. Thank you Publix for giving my kid a cookie every time we shop. It makes your slogan "Where shopping is a pleasure" an actuality vs. a miserable toddler trying to pull things off of shelves.

After a little rest Mia and I headed out to decorate the driveway for Daddy before he got home. We used our Pink Homemade Heart Shaped Glittered Sidewalk Chalk found in this post. It looked really cute! Unfortunately it started raining just before he made it home and most of it had already washed away. The thought still counted and he got to see the pictures. It was fun anyways! It also looks like I need to have the driveway pressure washed too. 

My wonderful husband arrived with a bouquet of red roses for me and a bouquet of pink and white flowers for Mia. It was her first bunch of flowers and what could be more perfect than them being from her Daddy! 


Dinner was simple, quick and delicious. The menu included our favorite baked brie (decorated with hearts of course), Boursin Garlic and Herb cheese, a sliced baguette (picked up at the French bakery), crackers, grapes, homemade s'mores, chocolate covered strawberries and last but not least a bottle of champagne.


I'm sure our celebrations will continue throughout the weekend and probably a bit longer too. You can never celebrate too much love! How did you spend last night? Any special Valentine's Day traditions?


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