December 4, 2012

Sticky Hands From Fresh Christmas Tree? Check Out My Solution

Did you buy a fresh Christmas tree this year? If you were like us then I bet your hands were a sticky mess! Ours sure were. I think we found a solution other than washing your hands 50 times and ruining a couple of towels along the way. The secret trick you ask? Hand Sanitizer!! Just wash your hands with soap and water, shake off excess moisture and rub on a generous amount of alcohol based hand sanitizer. Dry with a paper towel and the mess should be gone. This even worked to remove the sticky spots from clothes. 

In all honesty this was discovered by me out of complete desperation. We bought our tree and when we got into the car my hands were a mess. I didn't want it all over my car or my mimi me. All I had in the car that might help were hand sanitizer, Starbucks napkins and diaper wipes. I went for the sanitizer first because it was closer at the moment and it was a success. I didn't even take a picture but my hand made it into a corner of one my husband took so I snip snipped it. Let me know how trick works for you too. Merry Christmas!

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  1. thanks so much for this wonderful tip :) Yay, o more sticky, sappy hands :)


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