November 4, 2011

The Home Ownership Adventure Begins!

So today we are beginning our adventure in home ownership! This process has been much more complicated and difficult than we ever expected. The process of even finding a house took months. We looked at properties that were regular sales, short sales and foreclosures. Some of them were just plain scary. Thank goodness for hand sanitizer, wait I never thought about my shoes! Ugh!

We went through three real estate agents and put offers on multiple houses. We would want to see a property only to find it sold before it was even available for showing (how does that happen?) I was stalking the MLS! We finally decided that what we were doing wasn't working so when the ideal home in the ideal neighborhood popped up, we called the agent who listed it directly. We were first to see it and first to put in an offer. Amazingly this theory worked for us and we got the house.

Somehow we have managed in our 700 square foot apartment with a baby. We outgrew it quickly after Mia's arrival and now are busting at the seams. Our storage unit has been filling up too. We have managed for over a year. Although living in a sea of boxes for the past month hasn't been much fun either.She is ready for her own room and so are we! After months of waiting (closing delay after closing delay) we will be moving in next weekend. It has been well worth the wait. Keep your fingers crossed for us today. Let the home improvement projects begin. House pictures coming soon!

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