April 13, 2011

So What Is Really With Those Mommy Necklaces?

That is what I have been asking myself ever since the first time I saw one. Then last week I finally figured it out and completely get it. Mia has been teething like crazy (so grouchy) and while feeding her last week she grabbed a hold of the necklace I was wearing. It was the special necklace my husband gave me for Christmas last year. It had Mia's birthstones in it and it came in one of those o-so-breathtaking little blue boxes. So you can imagine the shock in my eyes as she grabbed a hold of it with the force of her entire 14 pounds and yanked on it. It snapped and the sound may as well have been a car crashing. I will admit, I cried. 

Just the next day I put on a piece of costume jewelry from Ann Taylor so I wouldn't feel naked while out. Not even an hour into wearing it, I took Mia out of her car seat and she grabbed it and broke it too. I am yet to put back on a piece of jewelry (with the exception of my watch) since those tragic days for my jewelry. I don't think I can stand the thought of losing another favorite accessory so they are all getting put away until our next date night. I guess I am in the market for a few pieces of mommy jewelry.

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  1. sorry to hear mia is causing so much damage. maybe put those special necklaces and earrings away until she get a bit older...like 2? i am sure your blue box necklace can be fixed. but wait until she gets a hold of a handful of hair on the back of your neck and pulls it all out at one time, you are going to just love that. and a note to mia: nice grip there baby girl!!


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