March 22, 2011

The Portable Pediatrician Book Review

I am a huge fan of the show The Doctors! I was really excited to have an opportunity to review the new book The Portable Pediatrician, written by the Sears' Family, William Sears, MD, Martha Sears, RN, Robert Sears, MD, James Sears, MD and Peter Sears, MD, authors of The Sears Parenting Library and The Baby Book. This book is compiled with information to take you from birth all of the way through adolescence. It is the best book regarding baby/child care I am yet to find.

The Portable Pediatrician is a very easy to follow book. It is in an A-Z format for quick and easy reference and navigation.  Everything is very straight forward but also on a realistic level. These are not only things that they recommend as doctors but also things they have put to use in their own homes as parents. For me, this adds an additional level of comfort and confidence.

My daughter just turned 6 months old. I made sure I read up on the section about the 6 month well visit prior to seeing our pediatrician. I had a better idea what things to ask my pediatrician and what to expect at that visit. I felt a lot more prepared and went with a list of questions in hand.

While on vacation a couple of weeks ago my daughter caught her first cold. My husband and I wanted to make sure we were doing everything possible we could for her. The was a great resource on a Sunday evening. This helped give us the confidence that everything was alright and we were doing everything possible to keep her comfortable. We avoided a visit to an after hours clinic and had peace of mind that we were doing everything right. At the same time she was able to rest at home verses being upset in a waiting room. As I write this, we also used it this evening to read about some recent tummy troubles.

Overall, this is now my favorite child development book thus far and will be my go-to book in the future. If you would like to get your own copy of The Portable Pediatrician, you can find it Amazon, Barnes & Noble as well as other major book retailers. Happy Reading!

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