March 31, 2011

How I Strive To Keep My Family Happy

SocialMoms and Farm Rich have teamed up and are sponsoring a blogging opportunity to find out how people keep their families happy. Creating a happy family is a goal that I am sure I share with almost every wife and mommy out there. I don't think I would be able to be as happy in my life if they were not just as happy. I think the key is for all of us to be happy, including myself.

So for me it is the little things that make me happy and I try to do the same for them. I make special dinners for my husband and me. Not every night but I try to do it a couple of times a week. We don't get to go out a whole lot with a baby so it makes our dinners even more important and we enjoy them together. I cook them with love and it seems to always show through to the dinner plate. Having this special time for the two of us, gives us time to catch up on our day and stay connected.

We also spend quality time as a family. Not with expensive trips or outings, but just regular simple things. We go to the local park and play on the swings. Once in a while we even take a picnic lunch. Last weekend we spent some time out at the pool (sorry to my northern friends) and splashed and played. Yes, we may have acted like kids with our daughter but we all had fun. We go for walks, we have movie nights (with yummy snacks) and sometimes just lazy days. But with all of these things, we do them together and we make sure to get in quality family time leaving all of us happy. I also leave notes, send cards, and give little things just because.

I also try to listen, not just hear but actually listen. I stay present in whatever activity is going on. I limit distractions from phones, emails, text messages, etc. Sometimes it is okay to just let a phone call go to voice mail. If it is really important, they will call back. I really think it is sad when people are so distracted by their communication devices that their kids and families go ignored, so I try my best to stay present. I also attempt (and I mean attempt) to get them a majority of my household responsibilities done during the week leaving our weekends free. Nothing is more distracting then a huge pile of laundry when it is nice outside. 

I think that having quality family time is the best way to keep your family happy. Nothing is more important to me than them. Don't forget yourself too! Your family won't be happy if you are not also. Do you have any special things you do to keep your family happy? I would love to hear them!
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