February 14, 2011

My First Mommyhood Challenges

The past week has brought me my first major mommyhood challenge. On Wednesday I took Mia to the doctor because she was making scary sounds. The gasping eeek sound she was making really scared us. Her reflux is out of control yet again and the doctor thinks the acid reflux is irritating her windpipe causing her terrible gasping sounds. For the first time she lost weight. My poor baby has been suffering with reflux since birth. She had to have an upper GI at 3 days old and spend a few extra days in the NICU.
We finally saw a new doctor and she has finally been given a medicine that is giving her some relief. Yay for that!

Thursday I had my wisdom teeth out. I know, why didn't I do that as a teenager like everyone else? I don't know, but I wish I had. I prepared in advance (so I thought) by pumping and storing milk for Mia so she wouldn't have to have a much formula as she may need over the next few days. Little did I know that she was going to refuse a bottle. And I mean REFUSE the bottle. It was heart breaking to listen to her scream at the thought of taking a bottle. She never had a problem before. Her recent two teeth must have been the culprit. And with her having just lost weight, this was a problem. She NEEDED to eat. I had already taken pain meds and would have to wait 24 hours to feed her again. My sweet and loving husband patiently sat her in her Bumbo and fed her milk with a spoon, his idea and all. Love him! Unfortunately she was never going to get enough milk over the next couple day with a spoon. We tried a bottle, a sippy cup, nothing seemed to work. Thankfully, after a lot of screaming, both her and I crying and a nap she finally decided to take the bottle. Not any bottle but the odd ball bottle in the back of the cabinet bottle.

Lesson learned for me. Everything with a baby changes and take nothing for granted! Always be prepared for everything. Thankfully we are back to normal with the exception of my chipmunk cheeks. Do you have a similar story? I would love to hear it. Happy Monday and Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I remember having my wisdom teeth out as a teenager, it was rough. Hope your recovery goes well. I also hope the medicine helps your daughter, poor little thing!

    My son refused to take a bottle also and it was rough. He went on a nursing strike and never broke out of it around 10 months, so I had to find a creative way to feed him since the bottle was not an option. I actually used a medicine dropper and would squirt the milk into his mouth! It worked like a charm. Messy and took forever, but hey...at least I knew he was being fed. That's when we went into sippy cup training mode, whew! It took awhile, but he got the hang of it eventually.

    Good luck!

  2. All recovered now. Thank you! I wish we would have thought if the medicine dropper. I can't believe we forgot about that one. Thanks for the tip, I will use it next time. :)


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