February 3, 2011

My Favorite Valentine's Day Treat - How To Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought I would share my favorite treat to share with my sweetie. Chocolate Covered Strawberries! Why spend a lot (have you seen how expensive these are in Godiva, OUCH) when you can make them. They are very easy to make and super yummy to taste! 

12 oz of bittersweet chocolate
1/3 cup heavy cream
2 tablespoons butter
10-15 large strawberries

Put chocolate, cream and butter in either a double boiler or in a glass/metal bowl over a small pot on the stove containing simmering (not boiling) water. Make sure the water is not touching the bowl. Stir mixture until completely smooth and melted. Dip strawberries in one at a time then place on parchment paper to cool. Place in refrigerator for an hour to chill. Serve on a pretty plate, then enjoy!

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