December 21, 2010

Ten tips for making this the ultimate holiday season for you and your family

TwitterMoms and Hasbro have partnered up to share tips to make this the ultimate holiday season for you and your family. For me, the holidays are about making memories with your family and friends. Those moments last forever and are cherished in my heart. I hope some of these tips will help you and your family make your own priceless memories!

1. Start a tradition - whether you drive around your neighborhood on Christmas Eve to look at Christmas lights every year, going to see a holiday movie or even hiding a pickle ornament on the tree, a holiday tradition gives both you and your children things to look forward to. Some of those traditions have given me many special memories as a child and my husband and I look forward to starting our own now that we have a family.

2. Finish shopping and wrapping gifts early - once all of your shopping is done and wrapping is completed you can enjoy the season. There is nothing worse than shopping at the last minute or wrapping all night on Christmas Eve. I would much rather enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and a Christmas movie

3. Volunteer for a Charity - Giving your time during the holiday season as a family can not only bring joy to your family but also to others in need. It is amazing how much giving to others can give you an ultimate Christmas experience.

4. Decorate the Christmas tree as a family - spending time as a family trimming the tree is a great way to share quality time with your loved ones.

5. Make Christmas cookies and let the kids help - kids love helping in the kitchen almost as much as eating cookies. Why not combine both!

6. Take lots of pictures - capture all of those holiday moments to cherish for a lifetime. Years from now you will have all of those pictures to look back on and enjoy.

7. Keep the music playing - nothing says Christmas like a bunch of carols! Listening to Christmas music keeps you in the holiday spirit and just might inspire you and your family this season. 

8. Visit Santa Claus - take the kids to see Santa and make sure you get a picture. Try not to wait until the last minute or you might experience a scene from the movie "A Christmas Story". 

9. Host or attend a cookie exchange - keep yourself from baking tons of different cookies and save time and just bake one. Cookie exchanges with friends and family are a lot of fun. Plus you leave with a bunch of different cookies to enjoy.

10. Play family games - take time to play a game with the kids. I loved playing monopoly with my family as a kid and still do. Definitely a great way to make family memories and share quality time, helping make this the ultimate holiday season!

I hope a few of these tips help you in making your holiday memorable. Do you have any special things you do to make your holidays special? I would love to hear them. I wish you and your family an ultimate holiday season!

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