December 29, 2010

And The Popchips Winner Is.....

Thank you for all of your entries! The winner of the month supply of Popchips is, drum roll please.....
I already follow on popchips and posted on wall via tiffany K. ard i also follow on twitter @tiffany053p I so want to win this i have never tried the chips before!

True Random Number Generator
12Powered by RANDOM.ORG
Congrats Tiffany! I will also message you. :)


  1. Hi!! How did you get he Random Generator on your page? THANKS!

  2. Leslie, I went to and generated the winner. Then I just copied and pasted it into my post! Happy to help a fellow mommy blogger!

  3. I tried playing around but could not figure it out.. did you control c or right click? Neither worked for me :(?

  4. I right clicked on the image then opened in a new window. Then I selected the entire image and copied/pasted...the 1 and total number did not stay accurate so I deleted that part. I figured it was better than nothing. :) I am going to keep searching for something better. Let ya know if I find something. ~K

  5. Awesome.. Thanks!!

    Happy New Year! (:


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